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February 20, 2013
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  Sparks flew as one of the logs crashed down in the fire. You watched as the bright red sparks soared into the night sky looking like bright stars. You were out camping with your friends John, Dave and Rose, and right about now you were roasting marshmallows. “Mmmm…” You hummed as you popped a marshmallow into your mouth. “Hey guys I know what we should do!” John exclaimed. “Besides eat the wicked marshmallows that are somehow ironically screaming at us not to eat them but we do anyways.” Dave said roasting the sugary sweet. You couldn’t help but giggle. Dave was just so cool; you couldn’t deny you had the biggest crush on him. “No Dave we should tell ghost stories. I wouldn’t be a camp out if we didn’t” John said excitedly. “Hmm. That does sound like a good idea” Rose said adding her input. “That’s cool I guess but I’m going first” Dave said. He grabbed the flash light form John and held it under his face. You gulped down your marshmallow hoping Dave’s story wouldn’t be too scary.

  “It all started deep in the woods much like this one. In a log cabin there lived a husband, a wife, and a sweet young baby girl. The husband worked all day chopping wood for villagers while the wife picked berries in the bushes by the cabin.” Dave started off his tale. “One day an old lady came by the wife. The old lady took the wife’s had and looked right into her eyes. ‘Listen to me and listen to me well’ the old lady said. ‘Take your daughter and lock her in the house till she’s eighteen. If you don’t then the grizzly will come after her.’ The wife was unconvinced so the old lady rambled on. ‘The grizzly with one eye and silver claws. He’ll come and eat her up just like he did my own daughters!’ The wife believed her now. She ran back to the house and picked up the small child, bringing her inside and locking the doors. That evening the wife told her husband what the old lady had said and they agreed to never let their daughter out of the house until she was eighteen.”

  “Years went by and the daughter reached the age of fifteen. She had never seen the out side world and wanted nothing more then to go out and play in the grass. But still her parents would not let her out. They had never told her about the grizzly with one eye and silver claws before, only that there were things out in the woods that hurt her. One afternoon she had had enough on her life locked inside the house so when her father left for work and her mother went to pick berries she snuck out the window and into the woods. The daughter spent the whole day exploring the woods finding all kinds of new things. When she left for home late that evening she didn’t realize the presence following her home. Once she reached the log cabin she called home her mother spotted her out the window and moments later the grizzly with one eye and silver claws following right behind her. The mother screamed and the daughter spun around. But it was to late. The grizzly pounced and attacked the girl. He ripped her to shreds spilling blood, flesh, and bones all over the yard. The daughter screamed in agony, pleading for her mother to help her, but she could do nothing but watch. When the grizzly was done he picked up the bones and carried them deep into the woods, putting them in a nice pile of the other young girls he had killed.”

  By the time Dave was done his story the fire was now only smoldering. John yawned and stretched. “That was great Dave, but I think it’s time for bed.” Rose nodded and you quietly got up to go to your tent. “Good night everyone” Rose said heading for her tent. “Good night” you called back. Once inside your tent you shivered trying to get the mental image the story had left out of your head. To be completely honest the tale had scared you senseless.  You changed into your pj’s and slipped under your sleeping bag, snuggling in to its warmth. Slowly you drifted off to sleep. But it wasn’t going to be a peaceful one.

  You stood in the middle of a dark forest clearing. The full moon casting an eerie light on everything.  You weren’t quite sure where you were and it didn’t feel like a dream. For a while you wandered around the forest not noticing the large figure lurking behind you. There was the snap of a twig behind you and you turned around to see the largest grizzly bear ever. It was missing one eye and had silver claws, just like the one from Dave’s story. You ran as fast as you could, the grizzly hot on your trail. The forest seemed to go on forever as you dogged through the trees. Every once and a while you’d look back to see the grizzly right there keeping pace with you. You burst through the trees to find your self face to face with a cliff. By the foot of the cliff lay a pile of clean picked human bones. You ran right to the cliff hoping there would be some way to get up it. The grizzly closed in on you slowly making it’s way towards you. It was to late to do anything. You shielded your self with your arms and screamed as the grizzly’s maw came down on you.

  You awoke with a start inside your tent. Your face was soaked with tears and you were shivering. Without thinking you got up and ran to Dave’s tent, which was directly across from yours. You tore into his tent, startling him awake. “(Name) what’s wrong?” Dave asked as you buried your head in his shoulder. “Y-your story… I-I had… A nightm-mare…” You sobbed out to the best of your ability. Dave wrapped his arms around your shacking frame. “(Name)… If you were sacred you should have said something” he said soothingly. You looked up at him. “But everyone else was enjoying it so much. It wouldn’t have been fair,” you said. Dave wiped the tears from your face. It was such a gentile movement that you never knew the cool kid would make. “The others would have understood” he looked lovingly into your (e/c) eyes. Dave lifted the edge of his sleeping bag and patted to the spot next to him. A soft pink blush spread across your cheeks but you slid in next to him anyways. Dave pulled you in close to him. You could feel his warm chest along your back and his strong arms holding you tightly. You felt incredibly safe next to him. Nothing could harm you here. “Good night (Name)” Dave whispered into your ear. You gave a quiet moan and drifted off to sleep.

  Dave brushed the hair out of (Name)’s sleeping face. She looked like a peaceful angel curled up against Dave’s chest. Dave pulled the sleeping bag a little higher up on the both of them and kissed (Name)’s forehead lightly. “I love you (Name)” he said before he to drifted of to sleep.
Here's another reader insert I've been working on. I suck a writing scary stories so ya... Hope you guys like it~
P.S. If you don't like ghost stories don't read it
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SilvisMN Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014
Just some friendly constructive criticism for you:
The ghost story might have been more scary if there had been an end such as and the grizzly still hunts little girls to this day or something to end it off like that, implying that not only was she not the first, but she wasn't the last, either. It doesn't seem like much, but it's the little details that make the difference between a scary story and a nightmare trigger.
HomestuckYeah Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
part 2?
harmonylalexander Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Student Filmographer
wow how can you have so much creativity to come up with this wonderful story 
Pikachu200228 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Student Artist
Jesse0747 Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
So kawaiiiiiiiii (≧∇≦)
Denmark2000 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
Soooo cute isjahskdjxjd
DoruDesux1 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
omg Denmark :C
bulletproofBullet Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
JessicaGoldsword Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I think the image of a bear with one eye and silver claws has been burned into my memory and now I have a phobia of bears...
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