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March 16, 2013
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  You ran through the trees of the sparcly wooded area on the far side of the park. You were humming spy music to your self. Dodging behind a tree you poked your head out to see a figure sitting on a bench infront of you. You sumersaulted out from behind the tree so you were right behind the other boy. "I have you now Godhead. You won't get away with your plans" you said. "Ah, Mrs. (Last). I've been waiting for you" the boy said turning around on the bench to face you. The boy had soft blonde hair and sunglasses that covered his face. Both of you had an epic stare down before you spoke again. "I am going to defeat you once and for all!" Godhead laughed. He pretended to push a botton and made some clanking sounds. "You can't stop me if your traped in a cage" he said. "You'll never get away with this!" You yelled as Godhead ran off. After a little bit you ran after him to the play ground. "How did you escape?!" He said in mock suprise. "I'm a spy and I always win!" The both of you started to have an epic battle and you were just about to win when your mom called for you. "(Name) dearest! It's time to go home" She called. "Awww! But I was just about to capture Dave!" You yelled back. "It's time for us to go too little man" Dave's bro called. "Awww man..." Dave muttered. "Don't worry Dave.  We can contiue tomorrow" you said with a smile. You both ran off to your gurdians. "Tomorrow I'll beat you for sure Godhead!" You yelled at Dave as you began to walk home. "Ya right!" Dave yelled back. You giggled thinking of all the fun you'd have tomorrow being a spy kid.

*Ten years in the future*

  You sat on the bench on the far side of the park thinking of all the fun you had there with Dave when you were young. Suddenly there was a russling behind you. "We meet again Mrs. (Last)." You spun around to see your childhood friend Dave standing at the edge of the woods. "I'll get you this time Godhead" you said as you sprung up and chased after Dave. After a few minutes of you chasing Dave throught the trees you lost him. "Dave? Dave where are you?" You called out. A pair of arms came out of nowhere and grabbed you, pinning you to a near by tree. "Seems like I've won this round Mrs. (Last)" Dave smirked. "Not yet." You leaned in and kissed Dave on the lips. The kiss soon became pashionate as Dave let go of your arms so you could wrap them around his neck. Once you broke for air Dave spoke. "I love you (Name). I have ever since we werw kids." Dave said.  "I love you too." You said. Dave smirked and laughed. "You know now that I've caught you, you'll have to do something to get free" he said grabbing your arms again. "And what would that be?" You questioned. "You'll have to be my girl" Dave gave you a genuine smile this time. "I think I could do that" you said before kissing him again.
My excange partners brother inspired this little thing. He always runs around like he's in a spy movie and I just thought this would be perfect. Please enjoy you guys~
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